Skanda Yoga is a practice that honors the tradition of yoga in its application of alignment, functional movement, conscious breathwork, philosophy, and meditation techniques. The classes present traditional practices in a post-modern system based on the 13- moon calendar in order to align students with Nature's cyclical patterns. We offer 20 unique Skanda Yoga sequences available at three different levels.

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Lauren Lipcon

Skanda Yoga is simply the best. Having practiced for just over 6 years now, all over Miami as well as in travels, I feel that the Skanda practice is simply the best for so many reasons. Skanda takes me beyond my comfort zone and I feel that every time I am lucky enough to practice there, it is the highlight of my day.

Vanessa Vargas

From the moment I entered, I felt such a loving and welcoming energy. With just one class, I decided to take the teacher training with them. This has exceeded all of my expectations. Classes here challenge you both physically and mentally- always pushing you to be the best.

Maddison Saalinger

The owners, Ken and Sadhana, are great, filled with vast amount knowledge and experience! Needless to say, they truly have attracted an incredible community of dedicated and inspiring practitioners from all levels. If you want to grow in your practice, this place is for you!!