Private Yoga classes are highly recommended to deepen your practice, get into detailed alignment, or cover your specific needs to prevent or heal injuries. One-on-one instruction is ideal if you are a beginner that wants to learn the basics to jump into a group class, or if you are an experience practitioner that wants to work towards another level. Private instruction is also good to prevent injuries or learn modifications if you have an existing limitation. Yoga was originally taught only privately between teacher and student because it is the best way to learn.

In Skanda Yoga we staff highly trained teachers that are committed to presenting yoga as a holistic art and science that promotes health on all levels of being.

Private Yoga classes can be scheduled in the studio, online, outdoors in your favorite location, or in the comfort of your home or office.

Privates are also an option for adding hours for your continuing education if you are a yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance*

Single Private Class
Skanda Yoga Studio
10-Pack Private Yoga Class

Private yoga classes are based on availability and all prices are subject to change.
60 minutes lesson.
Maximum 2 person per Private (price change).
Contact Skanda Yoga for more information or inquiries. 786 567-8124