Studio Ettiquete

  • Download the Skanda Yoga Studio app to register in advance so class can start on time.
  • Arrive 5 minutes before the class starts. To respect others, if you arrive late, please wait outside until the initial meditation ends. The teacher will open the again the door 10 minutes after the class has started or sit quietly on the back of the room before setting up your mat if the door is open.
  • This is a sacred space, please dress appropriately when you come to practice. Do not wear see-through clothes that reveal too much, and use the bathroom to change your clothes.
  • No street shoes are allowed in the yoga studio. Store your shoes on the designated shelf at the entrance to the studio.
  • Be sure to turn off your cell phone before entering class. Even vibration mode can disturb the class.
  • Store your bags and personal items in the designated shelves.
  • Please take all your items out of the classroom when you leave (water bottles, mat, towels, etc.). We are not responsible for any lost items; however, we do have a lost and found basket.
  • The studio is for you! Please keep it as beautiful as you found it.