Download the Skanda Yoga Studio app to register in advance so the class can start on time.

Please arrive 5 minutes before class starts. To respect others, if you are late, please wait outside until the initial meditation is over. The teacher will reopen the door 10 minutes after class has started or sit quietly in the back of the room before putting down their rug if the door is open.

This is a sacred space, please dress appropriately when you come to practice. Don’t wear transparent clothing that reveals too much and use the bathroom to change clothes.

Street shoes are not allowed in the yoga studio. Please store your shoes in the designated rack at the entrance of the studio.
Be sure to turn off your cell phone before entering class. Even the vibrate mode can disturb the class.
Store your bags and personal items on designated shelves.

Please remove all of your items from the classroom when you leave (water bottles, mat, towels, etc.). We are not responsible for any lost items; however, we do have a lost and found basket.

The studio is for you! Please keep it as beautiful as you found it.



The Practice of Skanda Yoga presents a new system for progressing in hatha yoga based on Indian philosophy and mythology. Skanda Yoga is an alignment-based power yoga style. The book contains detailed instruction for 500 poses (700 images) with benefits, contraindications, and modifications. It presents alternate methods for acquiring an ideal form and how to apply modern scientific stretching techniques into traditional poses. It contains a restorative sequence, four initiation sequences, and 60 power yoga classes at 3 progressive levels that are based upon the 13-moon calendar known as the Dreamspell. It is a great resource for practitioners and teachers.

Kindle US$18.01



Classes of Enchantment is the complimentary companion guide for The Practice of Skanda Yoga. It contains an introduction to the philosophy of Skanda, tips for developing an asana practice and creating a sacred space. It details 69 power yoga sequences with pictures and timing. There are four level 0 introductory practices, twenty main sequences at levels 1-3, and five level 4 master classes. The sequences follow the order of the Dreamspell calendar to bring practitioners into alignment with nature’s cyclical patterns.

US$45.01           Ebook USD 25.00


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-A daily practice yoga app for serious practitioners that want to advance their level.
-Approx. 500 poses with detailed alignment instruction.
-Classes follow the oracle of the 13-moon Natural Time Calendar known as the Dreamspell.
-There are 4 introductory classes, and 20 main classes at three different levels from beginner to advanced.
-The energy of the Dreamspell is displayed each day with the practice sequences.
-Contains detailed instruction for the Suns Salutation A & B.
-Detailed instruction and modifications for vinyasa techniques.
-Pranyama (breath control) and mudras (energy seals) are given for each day.
-Explanation of the day’s energy with meditation, intention, and a focus to stay in remembrance throughout the practice.
-Displays the cycle of the moon.


6 Reasons to Practice Yoga at Our Studio


Without a doubt, exercising has a myriad of positive effects for an individual. Yoga happens to be a form of exercise.

Improve Balance

The yoga poses that are taught in yoga are what primarily make up the uniqueness of this type of exercise. Many yoga poses are balancing poses.


Though yoga is a very personal experience, the energy in a yoga class can be inspiring and motivating.

Increase Circulation

A huge component of yoga is the notion of controlled breath. Practicing yoga while also staying focused on one’s breath is basically like a form of moving meditation.

Inner Peace

As previously stated, yoga can feel almost meditative, especially when practiced in the traditional sense.

ocus on the Present

While practicing yoga, a person must hold his or her body in certain poses that may seem obscure and may be physically challenging.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer high-quality asana instruction and to present yoga as a Universal practice that is applicable and beneficial for all.

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A teacher in the word’s most profound sense – throughout all aspects of life – Lina Vallejo meets each individual that approaches her with

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Teacher Directory

Teacher Directory

Ken “Anand” von Roenn III (E-RYT 500) is the creator of Skanda Yoga (RYS), and is the director of the Skanda Yoga Teacher Training program.

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