What if i’ve never practiced before?

If you are planning to try yoga for the very first time, we suggest attending the Skanda Yoga 101 Workshop for beginners to establish a solid foundation, and attending the Skanda Basics classes until you become comfortable. Please visit the New to Yoga page for guidance. We also suggest to book a private yoga class to cover your specific needs.

Please also let the teacher know you are new to yoga or Skanda Yoga, if you have any specific needs, injury or if you are pregnant.

How often should i practice?

Listen to your body to best determine when to practice and when to rest. If you are just starting off you will feel the benefits even with one yoga class per week, but if you want to improve then you should practice a minimum of 2-3 times a week. Once the body becomes accustomed to a regular yoga practice, then it is possible to attend classes as often as 6 days a week. We recommend planning at least 1 day off to rest and recover. You may also consider including one restorative class a week in your practice.

Do i have to be young to practice yoga?

No. Anyone, regardless of age, can practice yoga. Through sensitivity, dedication, and time you will develop a practice that is right for you and you will get stronger in the process. You will also find huge benefits in the restorative classes, therapeutics, and workshops.

What if i can’t do every posture or touch my toes?

None of us can do every posture! To begin a practice all you need is to be aware of your breath and have a flexible mind. With time, patience, and practice, flexibility will come. If you get lost during class, pause for a moment and watch the other students.

Can i eat before class?

Try to avoid eating for at least 2 hours before a class, unless it is early in the morning. You don’t want to ever exercise without anything in your system or blood sugar levels will drop and you can become faint. You should at least have a smoothie, juice or some kind of snack made of real food.

What if i’m pregnant?

If you never practiced yoga then we recommend attending the pre-natal classes, designed to uplift, inspire and connect with your baby. If you have a regular practice then you can attend other classes level 1, but please let the teacher know so that they can offer alternative poses when necessary.
If you are a mother, we offer post-natal classes that will nurture your connection with your baby while you restore your strength and energy (babies from 6 weeks old to crawling age).