Class Descriptions

Skanda Yoga Classes

Skanda Yoga is a breath-inspired, alignment-based power vinyasa style that sets a physical and spiritual intention based on the daily oracle of the Mayan calendar system. We have 20 different sequences that allow for consistent progression while exploring different paths to open and strengthen the body. We offer different levels of classes, all of them are fun, challenging, inspiring, and self-empowering. Have in mind, however, that the levels for Skanda Yoga classes are not meant to correspond to the levels of other styles or studios. If you are an ashtanga vinyasa practitioner then our levels would be on par with the primary, intermediate, and advanced level. If you have never practiced ashtanga vinyasa or power yoga then consider scheduling a private yoga session, or attend a Skanda Yoga Basics class for beginners, so we can determine the appropriate class for you.

  • Skanda Yoga Basics: Beginners. Ideal if you are new to Skanda Yoga or Yoga in general.
  • Skanda Yoga Level 1: Continuing beginners. Ideal for students with at least 6 months of practice.
  • Skanda Yoga Level 2: Intermediate. Ideal for students with more than a year of practice.
  • Skanda Yoga Level 3: Experienced practitioners and yoga teachers.

Private Skanda Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are highly recommended to deepen your practice, learn detailed yoga pose alignment, and cover your personal needs. You can work to prevent or heal an injury, or target a specific goal you want to achieve. It can be also used to cover topics that contribute additional hours towards your 300 hour yoga teacher training.
You can take yoga privates with the creators of Skanda Yoga Sadhana and Anand, or with any of our high level trained staff, at either of the Miami-based yoga studios located in the Brickell area of Downtown Miami, or in Key Biscayne.

Restorative Yoga Classes

Restorative yoga classes have a tremendous capacity to balance a busy, stressful lifestyle, helping students to relax physically and mentally.. The use of props makes it easier for you to maintain proper alignment and completely rest in each restorative yoga pose. The poses are performed in a specific sequence, focusing on each major chakra (energy center) one-by-one to bring vitality and balance to the physical and energetic bodies. Visualization, mantras and aromatherapy are used throughout the class to increase awareness. Restorative yoga is of great benefit for active athletes on “rest days,” people with injuries, beginners to yoga, and anyone who wants to experience relaxation.

Kundalini Yoga Classes

An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, you can gain inner vitality and compensate for the adverse effects of stress. Your glandular and nervous systems will be stimulated into balance, and your capacity for creativity and connection is heightened. Kundalini energy intentionally harnesses prana, or universal life force energy, in order to direct the mind towards the reality of the soul.

Prenatal Yoga Classes (Kundalini)

Prenatal yoga is an inviting space in which mothers can focus entirely on their inner journey during their pregnancy. Our classes are designed to uplift and inspire, allowing time to connect with their baby and each other as women. Stretching, strengthening (body, mind and spirit), breathing (pranayama), meditating, as well as singing, dancing and relaxing which helps them prepare for a conscious pregnancy and childbirth.

Motherhood connects a woman to the Divine Mother, it is the most important moment in a woman’s life to cultivate calmness, radiance, joy and good health to welcome her baby into the world with warmth and safety.

“You can change the destiny of the child just by the way you breathe, just by the way you move” ~ Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Prenatal Skanda Yoga Class

Prenatal Skanda Yoga Level 1 and 2.
Ideal for students with more than one year of yoga practice. Dynamic flow focused on breathing and alignment based on Skanda Yoga Principles.
Poses are adapted for pregnant moms so they can keep building a strong practice through all this beautiful stage.

Postnatal Yoga With Baby

Postnatal yoga is designed to empower you during your postpartum stage while building a supportive, healing and loving community. Nourish your spirit, connect with your baby and new mothers while you restore your strength and energy. Laughter and smiles abound in this class.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga:

  • Learning breathing techniques to calm self and reenergize spirit
  • Building strength and flexibility
  • Realigning the spine and pelvis
  • Toning pelvic floor & abdominals
  • Relaxing and walking away feeling refreshed
  • Developing support system with other mommies
  • Bonding with baby and having fun while doing yoga and soft massages

Babies from 8 weeks old to crawling age. Prior yoga or exercise experience is not necessary. Please bring your own mat and a blanket for your baby.