Melina India 2018

There comes a time in the life of every yogini or yogi when they decide to deepen their practice. A trip to India then becomes a rite of passage to that next level of practice not only in the physical realm but also the cultural and the spiritual. Should you sign up, this expedition you are about to embark on, is a journey within as much as it is without. India is indeed a magical land that presents our western minds with mysteries as well as challenges. And there is no better way to experience India than under the guidance of our two amazing teachers Sadhana Shakti and Anand. They have tirelessly devoted their lives to discovering the best ways of yoga instruction and how to transmit their knowledge in order to inspire change in all of us, to better our lives, to bring love and light to our shared consciousness. Our Skanda yoga trip to India was the trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to be able to join our teachers on another adventure of self-discovery and yoga bliss.

Marla Hernandez

I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for the day I walked into SKANDA YOGA STUDIO in Miami for my first class, years ago. I had practiced all over Miami, and after that first class with Anand – knew it was the place for me. There is a positive energy that ignites during classes, they are challenging and energizing. I’ve met some amazing people and friends. I’ve deepened my practice and believe that each class brings balance to my life. Thank you, Skanda!

Hector Arana

I was that guy that thought yoga wasn’t for me! Until 8 months that I discovered Skanda Yoga through Maddison, also a runner. She had suggested that because I was having some injuries that yoga would probably help. At first I was very skeptical but decided to give it a shot. From the first class I took, I was like “wow” this was good and a little intense. So good that I am now practicing Skanda three times a week. I’m also happy to report I am injury free for the first time in 3 years and running better than ever. I am now definitely hooked on Skanda Yoga and grateful for the practice. 🙏🏽

Hector is Co-Founder of iRun & Company running and walking store in Miami, Florida.

Michael Ortiz

For me, Skanda Yoga is the perfect mix of my 2 loves, Ashtanga & Vinyasa. It has the structure, mindfulness, tradition, intensity and breath focus of Ashtanga with the playfulness of Vinyasa. All of the 20 sequences were mindfully and intentionally put together to work off the energy of the day, so it give real meaning and purpose to what you are doing.

With different level classes there is something for everyone from beginner to advanced, and I find myself continually being challenged in ways no other class or studio has challenged me in the past. The community in one word is Amazing! Anand and Sadhana are both very knowledgeable, dedicated and devoted practitioners and it comes across in their teaching and the way they run the studio. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this studio, and I’m grateful I found it and to be a part of the Skanda community.

Camila Casale

When I started practicing yoga four years ago, I was motivated – like many others – by a desire to be healthier, less stressed and more energetic. As I’ve become more deeply involved in my practice (I was recently certified as a Skanda Yoga instructor), and as my career has become increasingly rewarding (and challenging as well!), yoga has taught me some valuable lessons about life and about work, and how the two are both separate and distinct and at the same time closely integrated.

While certainly helping me to manage stressful situations at work and gain perspective, I’ve come to realize that my yoga practice has become much more than a way to start the day on a positive note or wind down after a long week. What I’ve found is that it’s directly aligned to almost every aspect of my role in business. The school of yoga I follow – Skanda – is a breath-inspired practice that uses stretching, flexibility and strengthening to develop qualities such as will, perseverance and courage and, through them, prompt transformation in all levels of being.

As the Chief Marketing Officer for the US and Canada of a technology services business, all of these attributes are essential to my daily responsibilities as well as to my long-term goals. To respond to ongoing changes in the market and to effectively support and mentor my team, I need to be flexible, focused, persistent and (occasionally) courageous. I need to support transformation – both for my team internally and for our customers. And goodness knows I need to be able to breathe!!!.

Lauren Lipcon

Skanda Yoga is simply the best. Having practiced for just over 6 years now, all over Miami as well as in travels, I feel that the Skanda practice is simply the best for so many reasons. The sequencing makes sense, your body will love it. Every class is different, it follows the energy of the Mayan calendar! It is fun, playful and empowering. Skanda takes me beyond my comfort zone and I feel that every time I am lucky enough to practice there, it is the highlight of my day. The best energy, the best yoga, the best teachers, period.

Vanessa Vargas

From the moment I entered, I felt such a loving and welcoming energy. With just one class, I decided to take the teacher training with them. This has exceeded all of my expectations. Classes here challenge you both physically and mentally- always pushing you to be the best.

Maddison Saalinger


The owners, Ken and Sadhana, are great, filled with vast amount knowledge and experience! Needless to say, they truly have attracted an incredible community of dedicated and inspiring practitioners from all levels. If you want to grow in your practice, this place is for you!!