Giuliana Olivo

Yoga Teacher
Yoga is the path of Returning to the Self, is the tool that gives you the power to remember who you truly are.
Yoga prepares us, first on the mat, and then out of it, to face life with peace, love and compassion.
Miami, FL 33129
(786) 567-8124
(305) 773-1911

I completed my first Yoga Teacher’s Training in Miami in 2012, and the year after I completed another 200 hours in India, these experiences changed my life forever. My daily Sadhana has been the most important part of my life since then, transforming my life in a magical and powerful way, there is less fighting against life and there is more trusting in the guidance of the Supreme Intelligence. I have found that learning is constant and that the more you go inside, the more confident, wise, loving and peaceful you become. And this is what I offer in my classes, the opportunity to experience the world inside of you without fear, the experience of embracing your weaknesses and strengths in a compassionate way, the experience of loving yourself as you are today and the experience of oneness with all existence.

Part of my practice is offering free Yoga classes to Youth in Risk through the Non-profit Organization Connection Coalition and I am a RYT-500 Certified Yoga Teacher, with training in Yoga for kids, Hatha, Power, Hot Power, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative. I’m also a Reiki Master and a Psychosynthesis Life Coach.
In my continuous exploration of my practice, I did a Intuitive Yoga Training, incorporating that in my classes as well, allowing the students to move and feel their bodies in a more intuitive an unique way for healing and reconnection with themselves.

“Go inside, be brave enough to face your fears, be kind to the ones that challenge you, forgive yourself, bring love wherever you go. Honor your truth, speak your truth, and shine from that space. Be You, Be Love. Go inside, go inside, your real journey starts there.”

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