Zelmira Rizo-Patron

Zelmira Rizo-Patron

Having always held an important space for physical exercise in her life, Zelmira (a once avid runner and soccer player) first found yoga when searching for a new and more holistic form of exercise to improve and sustain her physical well-being. Since then, she has not let go of her yoga practice and has only ventured deeper. Fresh out of her first 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India (summer 2018), she found the next step to deepen and enrich her practice in Skanda Yoga, completing her Skanda teacher training that same year. Yoga has not only vastly supported and developed Zelmira’s physical, mental and spiritual vitality, but it has also heightened her connection with self and the world, and her love for life!

Zelmira’s two passions and life-long companions are yoga and art. Her yoga practice nourishes her pursuit of a lifestyle that cultivates and inspires healing and creativity, and complements her career in the arts in her hometown, Miami. She is thrilled to share her vibrant passion for yoga and knowledge of the practice with her students as she continues learning and growing in and out of the studio. Her classes are charged with energy and aim to be an open space for practice and play, with self and community.

“Yoga has taught me to experience connection and detachment, simultaneously. One of the benefits I most value from my practice is learning to adopt a bird’s eye view of my life, my thoughts, and my feelings, through my body. Through disciplined asana practice and breathwork, I have learned (and keep learning) the art of connecting to the present moment by detaching from the past and future, from the pose you were or were not able to perform yesterday, from the way you might or might not feel and think tomorrow. When I can find myself detached from physical, mental, and emotional external forms and expectations, suspended in the present moment, in the space between an inhale and exhale, I feel truly connected and free—a sweaty smile bursts from inside out. I am grateful and complete.” 

Galactic Dreamspell Signature: Blue Self-Existing Hand

Favorite Pose: Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)