Claudia (PIA) Lopez

Claudia (PIA) Lopez

Claudia or “Pia”, as most people know her, is a registered yoga teacher who decided to change her career in Marketing after years of working in corporate, and follow her heart and love for yoga. She is originally from Colombia but has been living in Miami for the last 5 years.

Pia practiced yoga for the first time in 2011 looking for something to help her calm her mind, but it wasn’t until 2013 that she got really involved in this practice. 

She practiced different styles and with different teachers in London, where she did her Master in Marketing, and in Miami where she moved in 2015.

One day, however, she took a Skanda Yoga class and fall in love with this style as it was challenging and focused on alignment but with a deep spiritual connection. In 2017, she got certified with Skanda Yoga 200hrs and is currently taking the 300hrs certification.

Pia has always been an athletic person, practicing basketball during her childhood, going to the gym in her twenties, and being active in general in different physical activities.

Nowadays yoga is at the core not just of her spiritual but of her physical practices. She loves it because it not only gives her a calmness of mind and a spiritual connection but also helps her tone her body and maintain it healthy. 


About her classes:

She is a very happy and fun person so her classes will be fun as well and charged with a lot of energy!

She is very focused on alignment, providing detailed instructions on techniques, and on building strength on our body, mind, and spirit. She strongly believes that by challenging the body, we challenge our minds, we build that inner fire to live with passion and we build will-power to accomplish our desires.

Her classes will be for all levels, as she always provides options for the more experienced practitioners as well as for the ones who are newer to the practice.

Expect to be challenged, to sweat, but most importantly, to finish her classes feeling empowered!


Seal: Blue Resonant Storm