Maria Ignacia Arrasate

Maria Ignacia Arrasate

MIA likes challenges. Thats the reason why she loves to climb mountains and practice all kind of sports. As an architect, this desire has guided her to get involved in many different projects and fields related to this discipline. In the personal realm, she decided to start a family (with twins!).

Often this intense lifestyle comes with high levels of stress, and yoga has been a tool to help her to deal with anxiety. Over the years she has become a devoted practitioner of this discipline, starting from Bikram and evolving to Ashtanga. In this process she has seen amazing changes in her spirit and body. She got certified as RYT200 Ashtanga yoga instructor while living in Singapore and discovered Skanda Yoga in Miami.

She immediately got enchanted with the depth and variety offered by this practice. As the name indicates, the practice of Skanda Yoga awakens our internal warrior and challenges ourselves to overcome life obstacles and keep growing.

MIA invites you to share her passion for yoga and get inspired to enhance your practice!

She lives in Boston and she is available for Privates and group Skanda Yoga classes!