Claudia (PIA) Lopez

Claudia (PIA) Lopez

Claudia practiced yoga for the first time in 2011 looking for something to help her calm her mind, but it wasn’t until she tried a power yoga class in 2013 in her hometown of Cali – Colombia, that she got really involved into this practice. She has always been an athletic person, practicing basketball during her childhood, going to the gym during her twenties, and being active in general in different physical activities. Nowadays she just basically does yoga which not only gives her a calmness of mind, and a spiritual connection, but also helps her tone her body and to maintain it healthy.

After 6 months of practicing in Cali, she traveled to London to do her Masters in Marketing, where she also practiced and attended to different workshops with top yoga teachers. In 2015 she moved to Miami where she kept practicing and discovered ashtanga yoga, a style she practiced for around one year. One day, however, she took a Skanda Yoga class and got in-love with this style as it was challenging and focused on alignment but it was also fun and it gave her the possibility to try different asanas and sequences.

That is why, after a few years of wanting to take a YTT, and encouraged by many of her friends asking her to teach them yoga, she decided to take the Skanda Yoga Teacher Training, as she not only had heard great things about this training, but also had already experienced the benefits and beauty of this practice.

Her classes would be fun, challenging, with a lot of energy, and with that Latin touch given by her accent!


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