Saturday, November 23

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Yoga Sutras Workshop, It’s Metaphysics and Potential:

The Yoga Sutras are the master gift of Patanjali to humanity, in it’s lines, Patanjali put encoded the foundation for a life of meaning and potential.
In the last 30 years the commentary of the Yoga Sutras by the monistic school have become popular to the west, leaving in secret the original commentary by the father of modern day Yoga, Sri T.Krishnamacharya.
A sutra should make you stop, pause and think, it should not tell you anything you already know, it should not tell you anything that you think you know. It should give you pause to contemplate and arrive at a meaning.
In this 3 hour workshop, Kalki Das will provide you the insights of the Yoga Sutras from different angles and schools, including the one of Sri T.Krishnamacharya.

Kalki Das (Skanda Yoga 500h, Yogic Priest & Astrologer), born in Peru to a family with Inka shamanic lineage, took to the path of Vedanta since he first read the Bhagavad-Gita at age 16. This led him to live monastic life in Ashrams around the world and study the Vedas for more than 20 years.

Kalki Das has completed advanced studies in Vedic Philosophy and Rituals in India. Based on Miami, he travels around the world teaching Vedic sciences and philosophy. In parallel to his Vedic Studies, he has also studied computer science. His scientific/professional practice explores the nature of coding and decoding, which he sees as a parallel experience to the relationship of the performance of the ritual and the priest.
Kalki Das’s purpose is to share from a scientific and simple point of view the higher realm of our self presented in the Vedas, his passion is to assist people in their transformational process.