Bhagavad-Gita Workshop with Kalki Das

Sunday, November 24

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

$40 USD

Gita Workshop, Illuminations on the Perfection of Yoga:
From Socrates to Sartre, Philosophers have grappled with the ultimate questions: “What is the meaning of life?” “Where do I come from?” “What is the supreme good, and how can we achieve it?”.

About 5000 years ago, Sri Krishna revealed the answers to all this questions to his dear friend Arjuna in the middle of a battle field, thus the Bhagavad-Gita was manifested to humanity.
The Gita is one of the most important classics of philosophy and spiritual literature, the wisdom inside the 700 verses have impacted the life of great thinkers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Albert Einstein.

Join us in this 2 hour workshop, we will explore and dive into the secrets of the Gita, the illumination it provides and the practical application, knowing the framework and context of the reality we call “life” we can decode many aspects to achieve peace, wisdom and happiness.

Kalki Das (Skanda Yoga 500h, Yogic Priest & Astrologer) will share his research on the Gita, he is a practitioner of the Bhakti Vedanta tradition, a millenary lineage that preserves the Vedic knowledge in an unbroken chain of master and students.