Skanda Yoga Teachers Directory

ANAND (Ken) Von Roenn III

Ken “Anand” von Roenn III (E-RYT 500) is the creator of Skanda Yoga (RYS), and is the director of the Skanda Yoga Teacher Training program. A practitioner for 20 years, Ken founded Skanda Yoga in 2009 after studying many hatha yoga traditions. Ken holds a B.A. In Philosophy, is a Level III Reiki Master, and is certified in Iridology. He was an Honors graduate in 2000 from the Yoga East Teacher Training program. He has led 19 teacher trainings in Miami and has published two books: “The Practice of Skanda Yoga,” and “Classes of Enchantment.”

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SADHANA (Lina) Vallejo

Sadhana is a teacher in the word’s most profound sense – throughout all aspects of life – Lina Vallejo meets each individual that approaches her with absolute attention, compassion and integrity, she is a teacher of teachers, she has trained over 350 new teachers in the style of Skanda Yoga®️.


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Abigael Mahony

Abigael is constantly in motion. The aim of her class is to draw the student’s focus to the two most important yoga asana poses: inhalation and exhalation. Her classes are infused with joy, a willingness to play, and a strong attention to physical alignment.

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Assia Kojo

Assia Kojo left a corporate project management job to pursue the rewarding journey of learning and teaching Yoga. Her love and dedication to the practice has revealed her true course: to devote her life to serving her community mentally, physically and spiritually.


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Alissa Stein

Alissa Stein began practicing yoga regularly after attended a yoga Journal conference in celebration of her 50th birthday.  suffering from chronic low back & shoulder pain, as well as TMJ, she found that through yoga her symptoms diminished considerably.

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Alma Killingsworth

A Colombian born and raised. Since her early years in life  Alma enjoyed the connectivity she has always felt around the natural wonders of the world. Rivers, mountains, waterfalls and agricultural life surrounded her upbringing in the rural area of Los Llanos in Colombia. This relationship with nature was interesting but yet unexplored until later. It was not until she discovered through yoga a path for transformation and connectivity with the higher self and the universe around.

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Angela Orozco

Driven by the desire to help and work with others, and with the strong belief that we can all create a life we feel passionate about, Angela decided to dedicate her life to support others to ignite their transformation.
With a masters degree in Psychology, and as an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, her Skanda Yoga Teacher Training complements her purpose and set of tools to help you make an impact in your life.
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April Pullo

April is a seasoned yoga practitioner and teacher with Yoga Alliance ERYT 500 YACEP Certification.

Her journey started over 20 years ago after a knee injury. Yoga healed her and became the exercise of choice but….she instinctively knew there was more to it. After moving to Miami from NY in 2009 she wanted to deepen her practice, subsequently becoming 200 RYT certified. Yoga became a way of life. She found Skanda Yoga and knew this is where she wanted to practice and study more, receiving her second 200-hour RYT certification from Skanda in August 2017 and 300-hour certification in March of 2020. She is now an active 500 YACEP with Yoga Alliance and a Skandati. 🦚

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Astrid Roman

Be ready to enjoy a very restorative yoga class for the physical and subtle bodies. Come to balance a busy, stressful lifestyle on a Sunday morning.

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Chael Soler

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Chael was always involved in sports and wellness playing soccer from the age of four, enjoying surfing and skateboarding as a teenager.
As a college and professional soccer player he suffered many injuries and had to go through two knee surgeries which affected his soccer practice and overall wellbeing.


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Carlos “Charly” Diaz

Carlos Diaz (aka Charly Om, Hanumonkey) is an accomplished yogi certified in many styles and techniques.
His Yogic path started in his teens mostly through philosophy and meditation, overtime evolving into physical asana discipline through Hatha,  Ashtanga, and later into novelty and advanced asana-based styles like Bikram, Acroyoga, Budokon, SUP Yoga to name the most popular, as well as advanced yoga and personal development systems like Skanda Yoga and Universal Yoga.
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Claudia (PIA) Lopez

Claudia or “Pia”, as most people know her, is a registered Skanda Yoga teacher who decided to change her career in Marketing after years of working in corporate, and follow her heart and love for yoga.

She loves yoga because it not only gives her a calmness of mind and a spiritual connection but also helps her to keep her body healthy and strong. 

Her classes will be for all levels, as she always provides options for the more experienced practitioners as well as for the ones who are newer to the practice. She is very focused on alignment, providing detailed instructions on techniques, and on building strength on body, mind, and spirit. She is a very happy and fun person so her classes will be fun as well and charged with a lot of energy.

Expect to be challenged, to sweat and, most importantly, to finish her classes feeling empowered!

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Claudia Lequerica

Claudia was very attracted to yoga but coming from a small city, Cartagena, Colombia, there was no yoga around. In her twenties she found a group that practiced Kundalini yoga and joined for a while but missed more physical movement. Then she started home practice with videos, and took private classes.

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Catherine Daccach

Catherine (200 hrYt) is a spiritual seeker and long distance runner who is constantly studying how to enrich her practice and lead her students towards a full yoga experience. She  set foot in her first yoga class at the age of 20 and instantly she was drawn by the physical and mental demands that comes with the yoga practice.

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Danielle D’Alesio

After completing her Masters of Mechanical Engineering Degree, she discovered yoga and immediately fell in love with the practice. She first began yoga to add variety to my exercise routine. However, what started off as a physical activity quickly became a mental and spiritual experience through the physicality. She not only noticed an improvement in flexibility and strength, but her stress and anxiety started to fade away.

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Darren Weissman

Darren Weissman is a passionate teacher from Miami, FL. He is a personal trainer, private basketball coach, run coach, and owns a non-profit. For the last 20 years, Darren has helped people reach and surpass their fitness and sport related goals. He first began his yoga journey in 2012 when he took his first yoga class at a community event. In 2013 he broke a Guinness World Record for running the fastest marathon while dribbling two basketballs making him famous as Doctor Dribble.

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Dayi Villota

Dahyana’s goal has focused on the evolution of the spiritual path. She believes that you can transform your life within your heart, connecting with the true essence of love and light. Since she started practicing Skanda yoga, she was able to identify her fears and challenges in life, having the power to overcome them. Dahyana’s teaching is based on her own experiences, connecting students with the real nature of yoga, where body, mind, and spirit can be projected in and out of the mat.

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Ernesto Rodríguez

Ernesto graduated from the Skanda Yoga Teacher training program in 2010. He currently lives in Sweden and is the owner of Ananda Yoga Studio.

Smedjgatan 29

352 46 Vaxjo, Sweden

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Ewa Josefsson

Certified Skanda Yoga and Jivamukti Yoga teacher.

My first yoga teacher training was with Skanda Yoga in 2011. I had practiced daily and studied kriya meditations for a couple of years by the time I took the training, and started teaching full time shortly after. It was a big break with my previous life growing up in Sweden, working as a journalist, coming to New York for the first time in 2004 as a young travel reporter.

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Gabriel Axel

Gabriel Axel, MSc., E-RYT 500, is a yoga teacher, neuroscientist, musician, writer, and leading innovator in the fusion of yoga and neuroscience through the Neural Active™ framework. Gabriel is known for skillfully presenting the perennial wisdom of yoga with a scientific understanding. He is the Founder and CEO of Neural Axis™, an integrative platform that unifies neurological and yogic sciences for advanced functioning and development. Gabriel holds a Master’s degree in Neuroscience & Cognition from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and has trained extensively in the yogic sciences, including raja yoga, kundalini yoga, tantric yogas, qi gong, nei gong, alchemy, Skanda Yoga®, OmGym® Suspension Yoga™, and a number of meditation systems. Gabriel holds in his intention a path of complete personal and spiritual development and aligns his practice accordingly.

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Gaby Lugo

Gaby is from Venezuela, and moved to Miami about 20 years ago. She works for a French AdTech Company as CFO for the LATAM Region, which is a beautiful and very dynamic but at the same time very stressful and demanding job, that requires a lot of travel and working hours. By the end of 2017 Gaby decided to do yoga looking for something to help her with her lower back pain and stress relief.
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Gloria Mazzarolo

Gloria found Yoga in Miami in the summer of 2010. After trying her first style of Yoga she was hooked to Power Vinyasa. She quickly enrolled in a teacher training program completing her first 200 hours. After practicing committedly for three years she found Skanda Yoga through a fellow Yogini.

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Jeff A.

Jeff A. is a certified Skanda Yoga Teacher. The aim of his class is to help the practitioner challenge their body and breath in a manner which encourages them to recognize the patterns prevalent in the way in which they address personal challenges, and inspire them to overcome self-imposed obstacles.

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Karen Padron

Karen comes from the advertising world and realized the need of including some kind of physical practice in her daily routine. She tried different disciplines, but among all of them, yoga was the most beneficial.

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Kelly Raspberry

Kelly Raspberry’s aim as a yoga instructor is to serve as a guide for her students to connect with the teacher within. Kelly teaches from the principle that “you are your best teacher” and sees her role as one of inspirational guidance, to foster more awareness of the inner voice on and off the mat. Kelly is a passionate practitioner and it is her personal practice that inspires her teaching. In 2015, this passion for yoga led her to quit her academic research job and to pursue teaching full-time.

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Kurt Trammel

Kurt has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has explored many styles. After taking a Skanda Yoga class by chance, he was immediately drawn to the style and dedicated himself to the practice.

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Maddison Saalinger

Her story with yoga began when a close friend would cancel plans to practice yoga; feeling curious about this, she decided to give it a try. Safe to say, she got hooked. The practice gave her a feeling unlike other physical activities, something indescribable… a release of mind and spirit. She liked the uncompetitiveness of it, the fact that, in yoga, you’re racing yourself, building yourself; it’s a slow process and Maddison felt encouraged and driven by this phenomenon.

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Maria Ignacia Arrasate

MIA likes challenges. Thats the reason why she loves to climb mountains and practice all kind of sports. As an architect, this desire has guided her to get involved in many different projects and fields related to this discipline. In the personal realm, she decided to start a family (with twins!).

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Nina Camacho

Nina was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but has made Miami her home for the last 4 years.
She pursued her undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating with a B.S. in
rehabilitation science in 2013. She continued her educational journey at the University of Miami,
achieving her doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2016.

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Rocio Reyes

Rocio Reyes is a meditation and yoga instructor. Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, she discovered yoga at the age of 13 and completed her first yoga teacher training at 17. Over the years, she has acquired more than 600 training hours in Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative Yoga.

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Sofia Trojanowski

Born and raised in Miami, FL of Colombian background. Sofia currently works in finance and teaches French to children. She lived in Miami until She graduated high school from MAST Academy then went to University of Florida to complete both her BA and Master’s degrees in French Literature. She once called the following places home: New York, Luxembourg, France, Colombia and Australia. The languages she speaks on a regular basis are English, Spanish and French.

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Victor Zuclich

Victor has been a practitioner for almost two decades and in 2015 took his Skanda Teacher Training. He first discovered yoga after a debilitating cancer surgery at the age of 20 and credits his recovery, in part, to the cumulative benefits of a quality yoga practice. A true native Floridian, Victor moved to Miami in 2006 to continue his career as a Park Biologist and Wildland Firefighter. Having been raised with a deep connection and fascination of the natural world, he felt instantly connected to Skanda’s synchronistic fusion of energy and nature.

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Virginia Alcalde

Virginia’s genuine curiosity of the body-mind-spirit connection, and natural attraction to
eastern philosophy drew her to yoga at an early age; the practice became a medium for self-discovery and healing. Ever since, Virginia has been a committed practitioner and advocate of this ancient discipline as a tool for general wellbeing and spiritual connection.

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Zelmira Rizo-Patron

Having always held an important space for physical exercise in her life, Zelmira (a once avid runner and soccer player) first found yoga when searching for a new and more holistic form of exercise to improve and sustain her physical well-being. Since then, she has not let go of her yoga practice and has only ventured deeper. Fresh out of her first 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India (summer 2018), she found the next step to deepen and enrich her practice in Skanda Yoga, completing her Skanda teacher training that same year. Yoga has not only vastly supported and developed Zelmira’s physical, mental and spiritual vitality, but it has also heightened her connection with self and the world, and her love for life!

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